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Custom Designs

Historic Shed specializes in building attractive buildings and incorporating details such as exposted rafter tails and decorative corbels to make your new building blend into the existing landscape or evoke a feeling of days gone by.

Construction Drawings

We work with you, sending custom sketches to ensure all of the details for your project are met. Our service area is the state of Florida, however, if you see something you like and are not located in our territory we are more than happy to work with you to design and provide a full set of construction drawings for you to build your project in your area!

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Financing available

We've partnered with Tiny House Me to offer financing for your project.

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Local codes and ordinances

Our team works with you to check all local codes and ordinances to ensure your building meets Florida requirements.

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Construction Time

We begin construction after your permit has been received. 

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Delivery and Installation

Our buildings are brought to your location 90% finished.

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